Gerry Stewart is a poet, creative writing tutor and editor based in Finland. Her poetry collection Post-Holiday Blues was published by Flambard Press, UK. Her writing blog can be found at

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Walking on the Moon
The first time I held you,
new-born curled in my arms
after your fast entrance,
I whispered over and over
it would be ok.
The Police echoed 
in my head, so unconnected 
but instinct knew.
A mother’s pull stronger 
than with your siblings,
I needed to ground you
with extra touch and connection,
though you didn’t react
for such a long time.
When two years later
we finally left solid earth 
and you refused 
the tether of my songs,
I whispered it would be ok
Together we could negotiate 
this new landscape
with giant, fumbling steps.
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Azure Days
The sea layered with sky,
waves trailing over stones.
Barcelona is a breath of warm air
away from Finland and children.
Patchworked like Gaudi’s tiles,
broken chips of emotions, 
days reshaped to fit my needs
of slow starts and long meals
not catered by myself,
the gaps filled with details,
overwhelmingly bright.
The orange cactus flowers,
mentions scratched on the nopales,
bubbles floating above
the aquamarine water
of the fountain in Ciutadella Parc,
the green parrot.
I wrote of my morning hot chocolate,
sangria and paella, 
my disappointment at Picasso’s blue 
and the revelation that I still existed 
beneath it all.