Valerie’s poetry has appeared in magazines and anthologies in the UK and USA. Her two collections Mango Tree (2013) and Handprints (2015) are published by Indigo Dreams Publishing.  Since 2016 she has been Poet in Residence at the Clinton Baker Pinetum in Hertfordshire where she lives beside the lovely River Lea. 

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(after Edward Hopper)
I tried calling
but the ring goes on      
and on          
robbed of your voice
I fold myself into  
indifferent passers-by 
jumbled fragments
of lives lost to the dark
drifting to the lights
of a corner cafe
a place to stay, people to meet,
nothing to say.
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The Last Time I Saw You
Sitting here again, in the same cafe,
in this square where the scorched air  
mingles with that Paris smell
of fresh croissants and coffee
my mind returns to that last goodbye –
you about to embark for the other side
of the world, me holding back the tears
of separation, of loss.
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Photo Album
I’m running through that album –
to three schools, 
       four jobs,twoweddings. 
Past three children, four horses, six dogs.
I’m running in dresses that no longer fit 
through blurred places 
       that have passed me by, people 
I no longer see. I’m tripping over dreams
of paths I never took. I’m running
into empty pages at the end –  
       lost hours which I still imagine
I could fill with things I've never done.